Equinox Paranormal Ltd are a ghost hunting events and paranormal research company based in Newport, South Wales.
Formed by Andrew Millward in early 2016, Equinox Paranormal are a team of volunteer paranormal investigators and Mediums. We aim to offer an in depth experience for all of our customers at all of our ghost hunts. Along side the ghost hunts, Equinox conduct in depth paranormal research, using state of the art equipment, which is showcased in our online web series.
Equinox aim to provide customers with a detailed, thrilling experience at our ghost hunts using a variety of research methods. We utilise state of the art scientific equipment as well as traditional divination methods. We give our customers freedom to explore our locations and conduct research using the methods that they would like. We focus on freedom, value for money and attention to detail.
We will never over crowd our ghost hunts and venues with guests and will always give our customers the right amount of freedom to explore, combined with the right amount of structured, guided seances and group exercises. We strongly believe that our guests should be involved with everything that we do. We will always ask our guests for input during the group sessions at our events and will take what they say seriously. During our breaks we will always ask our guests for what they have experienced so far.
Equinox aim to take people on a tour through history, myths and folk lore, setting the scene and creating a detailed backdrop for ghost hunting. Although evenings full of paranormal experiences don't always happen, Equinox aim to provide it's customers with an experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Andrew Millward

Equinox founder, Andrew Millward, has had strong interests in the paranormal for many years. Andrew has a background in music and the performing arts.

Francesca Alice

Francesca is Andrew Millward's fiancee. She has over 10 years experience working as a medium, despite her age. Francesca has a background in media, advertising and design. Francesca also runs her own handcrafted jewellery business along side working for Equinox. (click her picture to be redirected to her website).

Francesca is also a member of The Spiritual Workers Association, she has a Facebook page for her mediumship work, which can be found at: www.facebook.com/FrancescaAlice.Medium/

Francesca also gives readings online at her Etsy page

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Richard Millward

Richard, Andrew's brother, has had a keen interest in the paranormal for many years. He is very tech minded and assists Equinox with the logistics of running paranormal research. As an open-minded sceptic, Richard provides the team with an alternative view point.

Troy Rich

Long term friend of Francesca, Troy has been working with Francesca as a medium for many years. With a keen eye for all things technological, Troy assists with the logistics of running paranormal research as well as providing a spiritual perspective.

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Equinox and Equinox Paranormal are a trade name of Equinox Paranormal Ltd

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