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St John's House - Warwick

Friday 17th May 2019 - 8pm - 2am

St John's house is gaining a huge reputation in the paranormal field! The site is full of history, with records dating back to the Twelfth century! The land was used as a hospital. The hospital served two purposes, one as a place to help the local poor and sick, and also to serve as a respite for impoverish travellers and pilgrims.

During the Dissolutions of the Monasteries by King Henry VIII, the land was passed between members of the Stoughton family, until Anthony Stoughton Built a house on the land. There are inscriptions within the house that show the year of construction of 1626. The property remained within the Stoughton family until 1981.

St John's House is said to be haunted by many spirits, the most notorious are two sisters who both met tragic deaths within the house. Ghostly activity is reported on a very regular basis. Children are often witnessed playing and laughing within the halls of the house, and a man who is violent towards women is also witnessed regularly. 

Ghost Hunts - Information

What should you expect at one of our ghost hunts?

At equinox paranormal Ltd, we aim to give our customers the ultimate ghost hunting experience. We want to provide our customers freedom to investigate the locations we hire in any way they would like. So our customers will be provided with a selection of pieces of equipment that they can hire for the night, for free! We offer:

  • KII EMF Meters

  • Digital, Non-contact thermometers

  • EVP Recorders

  • Dowsing Rods

  • Divination Pendulums


As well as all of the above, the team will utilise automatic writing planchettes, Laser matrix modules, spirit boxes, Mel meters and Ovilus V ITC devices into group lead experiments and vigils.  

At every event we will provide free refreshments through out the evening, ranging from:

  • Hot Drinks - A selection of teas, coffee and hot chocolate

  • A selection of soups

  • Biscuits and Crisps

Like all ghost hunts, the majority of the event will take place in the dark, so torches and sensible clothing are highly recommended. Some torches will be provided however we recommend that customers bring their own. We also encourage people to bring any scientific/traditional ghost hunting equipment that they own, as we believe this will add to the overall experience of the group. 

Spaces are limited so purchase your tickets quickly to avoid disappointment! For more information please read our terms and conditions or please do not hesitate to contact us.


Equinox Paranormal Ltd Team.